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About MaxCollar

The MaxCollar is the world's first virtual dog sitter. Dogs can't speak, so they can't tell us how they're feeling. Are they sick? Are they feeling anxious? Until now, you had no way of knowing.

Now MaxCollar speaks for your dog!

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Virtual Dog Sitter

When you're out of the house, MaxCollar's virtual dog sitter gives you added sense of security by monitoring your dog's condition live. Alerts include activity level, heart rate, body temperature, sleep pattern and anxiety level caused by the separation from you.

If you receive an alert on your app, you can listen in through the MaxCollar state-of-the-art microphone and speaker and eavesdrop to see if there is anything out of ordinary going on

*Virtual pet sitter alerts and eavesdropping features require WiFi connectivity

Wellness Monitor

Dogs can't always tell us how they feel but the MaxCollar can. It monitors your dog's vital signs 24/7 heart rate, activity level, respiration and body temperature. Get alerts on your dog's vitals through the app. MaxCollar is non-invasive and continually collects data about how your dog is feeling.

Know The Signs

Lack of activty and poor sleep can be indicators of pain and discomfort in dogs. The MaxCollar monitors you dog's activity and sleep patterns 24/7 so you can take early action.

Why Back Us?

We have completed our research and are deep in the development of the MaxCollar. Your crowdfunding pledge will help us go into production, so we can deliver the product to you. We have completely funded our R&D, designing and engineering, now we need funding for production.
We are confident of our partner's ability as they have produced the iPhone and are on the cutting edge of the technology.

Join the MaxCollar Crowdfunding Campaign

We created MaxCollar because we love dogs. Our goal is to provide a better, healthier life for every dog. We have put more than 50 years of experience into the MaxCollar to help you better understand your dog's health and wellbeing.

Please help us to make the MaxCollar dream a reality by funding our campaign. You'll get a discount price on the MaxCollar and be among the first to receive it. You'll also get the satisfaction of knowing you'll be helping to give your dog the best possible life.

Two Project Funding Levels To Make MaxCollar A Reality

Early Bird Special

The first 1,500 contributors to pledge $99 will get a fully functional MaxCollar and the phone app after we go into production.

Better Late than Never Special

All contributors after the first 1,500, who pledge $129, will get a fully functional MaxCollar and the phone app after we go into production.

The Future of MaxCollar

In addition to the current features of MaxCollar, we continue to develop new features to help further identify and resolve behavioral issues. For example, we're currently developing unique sounds and music that will help calm your dog.

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